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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in United Arab Emirates


PET bottles that are used for packaging of liquid products such as aerated drinks, food products, and chemicals, it is essential that the balance of these bottles is perfect to prevent their frequent tripping. In order to ensure this, the manufacturers of the PET bottles conduct section weight analysis. The section weight analysis is performed by cutting the bottles in three different sections. The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in United Arab Emirates is an instrument that is used for cutting the PET bottles in desired sections without causing any deformation. The instrument offers a cost effective method of bottle cutting and section weight analysis.

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Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for United Arab Emirates is a widely used instrument for cutting the PET bottles for the purpose of section weight analysis. The machine is compiled with a set of two high-quality canthal wires which can be heated to three different levels for efficient cutting. The heating level of the wires is controlled with the help of a variable voltage potentiometer. There is an LED digital display provided with the machine that allows users to monitor the heating level of the wires efficiently.

The laboratory testing equipment is provided to the users along with an instruction manual and a conformance certificate.

    • The apparatus is best for cutting of PET bottles in two three individual parts that are top, cylinder and bottom.
    • The LED digital display provides accurate monitoring of the heating level of the canthal wires used for cutting.
    • A set of two high-efficiency Canthal Element wires is provided with the device. Clients can also request for more numbers of wires as per their requirements.
    • The device has a net weight of 35 kilograms.
    • The size of the appliance is 700 X 400 X 400 mm.
    • The maximum diameter of a bottle that can cut using the device is 138 mm.
    • The heating level of Canthal wires is controlled efficiently with the help of variable voltage potentiometer. It offers three different levels of heating to the wires.

    • The instrument allows cutting of PET bottles in three individual section with high accuracy for best section weight analysis of the bottles.
    • The Canthal wires can be heated to three different heating levels to cut various materials.
    • To monitor the degree of heating of the canthal wares, the machine is provided with a digital display.

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