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Cobb Sizing Tester in United Arab Emirates


The materials used in packaging industries such as paper, cardboards, corrugated boxes, etc. have to face a lot of mist conditions which can damage them severely. This is an important safety threat to the products packaged inside them. The manufacturers of these packaging materials need to ensure that their products are efficient enough to resist the penetration of water to them during transportation or storage. The Cobb Sizing Tester in United Arab Emirates is very effective in testing the water absorbency of the packaging materials used in industries. The instrument is capable of providing an accurate analysis of the quality of the materials and has a very simple and easy operation. The instrument also conforms to the required international quality standards.

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The Cobb Sizing Tester for United Arab Emirates is an efficient testing instrument that is provided by Presto and is utilized in packaging industries for testing the water absorbency of the materials. The device is fabricated from high-grade stainless steel which provides it a corrosion free operation. The automatic hold and release mechanism for the specimen makes it easy to operate the machine. The hand roller is also supplied with the machine to press the test sample.

All the required quality standards have strictly adhered during the fabrication of the instrument, and there is a conformance certificate provided with the machine along with a user guide.

    • The material used for fabricating the device is high-grade stainless steel and mild steel that offer the robust performance of the machine.
    • The sample placement area of the apparatus is fabricated with stainless steel too.
    • Specimen placement fixture of the instrument has a 14 cm diameter.
    • A cork sheet of 14 cm diameter is provided with the device.
    • The depth of the sample placement fixture from inside is 11.5 mm.
    • The sample placement fixture is also marked at two points at depths of 10 mm and 25 mm.
    • A heavy hand roller with 1 kilograms weight is provided with the instrument for squeezing the excess water out of the specimen after testing.

    • The machine is simple in operation and can be operated with a single handed operation.
    • It is the best way to test the water penetration that a material can resist. The materials include cardboard, corrugated sheets, fiberboard,
    • The hold and release mechanism of the instrument is automatic in nature.
    • Placement of the sample is very fast.


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