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Melt Flow Index Tester in United Arab Emirates


The plastic manufacturers have a great responsibility of providing the best quality of plastic materials to the clients. The Melt Flow Rate of a plastic resin indicates the quality and properties of plastic materials such as chemical structure, Molecular strength, viscosity and so forth. With accurate calculation of MFI, manufacturers can ensure that the plastic resin or granules they are using with yield the best quality of materials. The Melt Flow Index Tester in United Arab Emirates is a major testing instrument that is used for accurate calculation of MFI in plastic industries. The instrument has a simple operation, and it complies with all the international standards set by various agencies.

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The Melt Flow Index Tester for United Arab Emirates is regularly exported and manufactured by Presto, which is extensively used in the plastic industries. The instrument is equipped with many advanced features such as Digital display, PT-100 sensor, PID temperature controller, etc. that are ideal for precise calculation of Melt flow rate os plastic resin and granule. The instrument is supplied to the clients with standard accessories along with user guide and calibration certificate.

    • The LED display equipped with the device is best for accurate reading and monitoring the heating level of the heater.
    • The temperature that can be achieved through the machine ranges from ambient to 4000
    • The least count of the temperature of the heater is 0.10 the accuracy of the instrument is ±1%.
    • The piston head used with the machine has a diameter of 9.47 mm.
    • The tube cavity of the heater has a diameter of 9.55 mm.
    • To exert extra force, there are additional weights available on client’s request. The weights are available in the denomination of 1.2 kg; 2.16 kg; 3.8 kg & 5 kg.
    • For accurate and precise sensing of temperature, RTD PT-100 sensor is used in the device.
    • PID temperature cum controller is used for controlling the temperature of the heater.
    • There are both manual and automatic sample cutting procedures provided with the instrument.
    • The device provides consumes 0.5 kilowatts of power.
    • There is an accurate digital weighing balance supplied with the machine on client’s request as an optional accessory.

    • The PID controller mainly works on the basis of the microcontroller.
    • Digital timer is best for accurate timing of sample cutting in automatic mode.
    • The machine is provided with standard accessories to the users. 


    • IS 10810-1984: Methods for test for cables part 23: melt flow Index
    • ASTM D 1238-13: Standard Test method for flow rates of Thermoplastic by extrusion platometer
    • IS 2530-1963 (R 2003): Methods of test for polyethylene molding Materials & polyethylene Compounds

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