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Humidity Test Chamber in Tanzania

PCC -800

Presto manufactures and designs the Humidity Test Chamber in Tanzania for quality testing and assurance. The instrument examines the effect of the high humidity and temperature when subjected for a prolonged period of time. The ergonomically designed tool allows the end users to perform the testing in a convenient way. The instrument is designed and manufactured following all the standard guidelines.

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Presto’s Humidity Test Chamber in Tanzania is used to maintain the testing samples at a specific temperature and humidity level to check the effect of the high level of humidity and temperature. The double wall chamber provides the best insulation from the outer elements or conditions. The digital panel helps in the appropriate programming of humidity and temperature. The instrument is used for textile or fabric materials after process completion. The chamber removes the moisture level in the sample.

The instrument strictly adhered to the quality standards and is provided with a conformance certificate.

    • The cooling compressor attains accelerated aquarium of humidity.
    • The time totalizer determines the exact number of hours for which the machine has been operating.
    • The digital control panel for easy and smooth operation.
    • The placement trays are made of high-quality stainless steel with adjustable heights.
    • The digital preset times for best programming of the test cycle timing.
    • The inner chamber is made of high-grade stainless steel.
    • The external body of mild steel for a stable and robust
    • The chamber door has a viewing glass that optimizes the testing procedure.
    • The size of the inner chamber is 60 x 63 x 106 cm.
    • The instrument dimension is 75 x 111 x 180 cm.
    • The temperature range is up to 650 C ± 30
    • The board range of humidity is 65% to 95%.

    • Perfectly insulated double wall test chamber by glass wool for minimum heat loss.
    • The digital control panel for accurate programming of the temperature and humidity.
    • Fast conditioning process due to very quick humidity equilibrium.

    Associated Standards

    • BS 950 Part 1 (D 65), ASTM D 1776 / D 1776 M – 15

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