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Peel Strength Tester in Tanzania


The adhesive materials have significant use in the packaging industries for the safe and secure packaging of the products. The adhesive used for the packaging materials must be strong enough to resist the laborious process of transport and storage. Presto offers the Peel Strength Tester in Tanzania for accurate analysis of the adhesive strength of the materials. The tool is ergonomically designed to allow the convenient and comfortable operation for the end users. The testing instrument is complying with all the quality standards and guidelines required to fulfill the requirement of the international market too.

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Presto is the world leading manufacturer of testing devices and offers the Peel Strength Tester in Tanzania to examine the effectiveness and adhesive strength of the packaging materials. The digital peak load indicator provided in the instrument for precise readout of the test findings. The over traveling of the jaws is protected with the help of limit switches. The tool is used to check the seal strength and bond strength. For accurate testing, the machine is provided with templates to prepare the specimen precisely as per the standards. The instrument strictly complies with the national and international quality standards and is supplied with an instruction manual as well as calibration certificate.

    • The maximum capacity to exert a force on the specimen is 20 kilograms.
    • The jaws can be separated at a rate of 300 mm per minute.
    • The least count of the tool is a 2-gram
    • The instrument dimension is 61 X 51 X 124 cm.
    • The quality standard followed for the tool is ASTM D 429-14.
    • The net weight is 90 kilograms, which turns into 120 kilograms after packaging.
    • The other optional accessories are AC drives and thermal printer.

    • The instrument tests the effect of a force applied to the adhesives at 180 degrees. (A fixture to perform the test at 90 degrees is also provided).
    • The accuracy of the tool is ±2%.
    • The seal strength and bond strength tests are also performed.
    • An in-house calibration is provided.
    • The digital peak load indicator for the clear test result.

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