Instruments as per ASTM D429 -73

ASTM D429 test standard determines the adhesion of rubber material to hard metal substrates. This test standard is classified into eight different methods A through H.

Method A- Rubber part assembled between two metal plates placed parallel to each other. Method B- 90° Stripping Test- Rubber Part assembled to one metal plate. Method C- Measuring sticking adhesion of rubber to metal with a narrow pointed specimen. Method D- It explains the adhesion test. (PV) Post Vulcanization bonding of rubber to metal. Method E- 90° Stripping Test. It explains rubber tank lining which is assembled to one metal plate. Method F- It depicts that rubber part is assembled between two parallel convex-shaped metal plates. Method G- It measures bond durability of rubber-to-metal bonded components with a dual shear cylindrical specimen. Method H- This method measures the bond durability of Rubber-to-Metal bonded materials with a quadruple shear specimen.