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Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Nigeria

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The Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Nigeria is a major testing instrument that is supplied by Presto and used by different industries for conducting quality tests on various materials and products. The instrument is used to study the effect of the high temperatures on the quality and properties of a material when subjected to such conditions. The instrument very efficient in providing accurate test results and is very simple to operate. The equipment allows users to perform the test in a fast and easy manner and assure the best quality of products to the clients. IT adheres to all the international quality testing standards that make it applicable to all the international industries as well.

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The Laboratory Hot Air Oven for Nigeria is one of the most efficient testing instruments offered by Presto that is utilized in many different production verticals to test the quality of the materials and products under high temperatures. The device is fitted with PID temperature controller and RTD PT 100 sensor that helps in positive achievement of the test temperature in the test chamber. In addition to that, the test chamber is also assembled with a double-walled structure with glass wool insulation which prevents any energy loss and appropriate testing of the specimen.

The instrument is provided to the clients along with a calibration certificate and a user guide that helps in easy understanding of the operating procedure of the machine.

    • A broad range of temperature can be achieved by testing varying from ambient to 2500
    • The resolution o temperature exhibited is 10
    • PID temperature indicator cum controller provided with the instrument for effective temperature control of the instrument.
    • The RTD PT 100 temperature sensor helps in easy sensing of the temperature inside the chamber.
    • Digital preset timer is provided for precise setting of the test timing. ‘
    • The size of the test chamber from inside is 18 X 18 X 18 inches. Other sizes of the chamber are available on client’s request.
    • A 220 volts 50 Hz single phase AC supply is required for operation of the machine.

    • The instrument has a double walled test chamber that has glass wool insulation for preventing heat loss and efficient
    • Microcontroller based working of PID controller offers effective and efficient controlling and analysis of the test temperature.
    • High-speed blower fitted inside the test chamber is best for uniform distribution of the heat inside the test chamber.
    • Trays provided for specimen placement are made of stainless steel and have adjustable height.

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