Instruments for Compound (Resin) Testing

Compound (Resin)

Compound (Resin) Testing Instruments

Compound resin is the most basic thing that is used for manufacturing of polymeric materials and products. if there is any problem in the compound resin, the quality of the polymer manufactured from that resin will also have many defects hence it is of utmost importance to test the quality of the compound resins to ensure that the quality of the end product polymers would be best. The most commonly used testing instruments for compound resin testing include Melt flow index tester, muffle furnace, color matching cabinets etc.

Presto involves in providing a commendable range of testing instruments to the manufacturers of Compounds (Resins). The above mentioned list of instruments helps to gauge various properties of compounds. Presto designs, develops and manufactures the range of instruments using the ultra modern developing unit and latest technology with superb quality of resources and defined test standards.