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Bottle Burst Tester for Kenya

PBBT - 0100

The PET bottles are extensively used for packaging of different types of products such as aerated drinks, soft drinks, and others. It is the duty of the manufacturers of the PET bottles to ensure that the PET bottles they provide to the clients are strong enough to bear the high pressure exerted on them from inside. The Bottle Burst Tester for Kenya offered by Presto is an ideal testing instrument that is used in the PET manufacturing industries to test the strength of the test specimen for quality assurance purpose. The equipment is very simple and easy in use and is meant to give the most accurate test findings. The machine is in compliance with different testing standards and is applicable to international industries as well.

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Presto has been indulged in manufacturing and supply of high-efficiency Bottle Burst Tester for Kenya that are widely used  in PET manufacturing industries for the purpose of testing the strength of PET bottles that are supplied to the clients. The machine is equipped with a highly advanced hydraulic pressure buildup system for exerting the pressure inside the test specimen. There is also a digital control panel assembled with the machine that helps in easy control of the test procedure. The device is also given with a steel cage around the test sample which gives extra safety to the user.

The instrument is in conformance with all the national and international quality testing standards and comes with a conformance certificate and a user instruction guide.

    • The machine basically works on a sophisticated system of hydraulic pressure which is used for exerting pressure on the test sample.
    • There is an advanced system of pressure compressor and regulator assembly to control the pressure buildup inside the test specimen.
    • The digital control panel compiled with the machine makes it very easy to commence the test procedure.
    • The power supply on which the machine runs has a rating of 110/220 volts AC with single phase.
    • The machine is given a very heavy and rigid metallic base plate for stable and sturdy

    • The machine is given with a steel casing that is used for covering the specimen placement area to provide added safety to the users.
    • The machine has an ergonomic and user-friendly design which allows easy, simple and fast operation of the machine.
    • The machine can be operated using the standard air pressure connection.
    • There is also an auto cut off facility compiled with the machine that automatically stops the machine when the test is completed.

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