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Grammage Checking Kit

The Grammage Checking kit is used to determine the GSM i.e. Gram Per Square Meter of corrugated sheets and papers. The offered kit is also known for showing the instant, accurate test results. The Grammage Kit is widely used in the paper as well as textile industries all across the globe.

All the components of Presto’s Grammage checking kit are made up of stainless steel with the aluminum body from outside. The kit includes lightweight instruments that ensure easy operations.  The round cutter has imported industrial blades to provide accurate samples. It is mainly used for circular cutting to check the Grammage of samples. The machine is in high-quality pure aluminum die to provide you lifelong and durable working.

The kit includes two instruments:

  • GSM round cutter
  • Digital GSM Balance

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GSM Round Cutter:

The GSM round cutter is equipped with 4, Blades. By rotating the knob quarter a turn, the cutter will provide you the sample of 100 cm2. It is a good instrument for cutting circular samples from foils, textiles, paper, single layered board and multi-layer board.

To operate the instrument, place a piece of the specimen between the cutting board and sample cutter. Now release the safety catch and exert a light pressure on the hand wheel. To cut the specimen of accurate shape and size, rotate in a clockwise direction with light and even pressure. This will help you to get the circular sample with smooth edges.

Digital GSM Balance:

GSM Balance is calibrated up to 200 grams. The instrument is widely used to gauge the weight of the specimen in terms of a gram per sq. meter. The machine has a digital indicator to show accurate results. Simply place a specimen over the aluminum plate and user will get the measurements.

  • Specifications:

    GSM Round Cutter:

    • GSM round cutter comes complete with 4 cutting blades.
    • It is supplied with 2 special grade cutting pad.

      Sample Area: 100 sq.cm
      Sample Diameter: 112.8 mm
      Handle material: Bakelite molded
      Movement of Handle: ¼ round to cut a sample

    Digital GSM Balance:

    • It is a Table Top model that provides high accuracy.
    • It has maximum capacity of 200gm with the least count of 0.01gm

    (Other capacities with higher least count are also available on request)

    Both the instruments are supplied with calibration certificate and user manual.

    • Table Top Model
    • High Accuracy digital weighing balance
    • High-Quality Aluminum pressure dies casted main body
    • Heavy Duty German cutting Blades with GSM Round Cutter
    • Easy to operate.
    • Lightweight, portable instruments.
    • Available with Safety Latch Facility

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