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Cross Hatch Tester

Presto’s cross hatch cutter is an effective cutting tool used widely in paint and plating industries. It is available with maximum 3 blades. The testing Instrument is used to assess the resistance to separation of the coating from the specimen. Presto’s Cross hatch tester is a safe and portable instrument that can be used by anyone. The size of the cutter is determined on the basis of the plating thickness of the substrate.

The laboratory equipment is widely used in multiple forms to assess the resistance of paint coatings. Measuring the adhesion strength of coatings such as glue, paint, varnish, etc. is important to make sure that the coating has done perfectly with the material and is performing well. The cross hatch tester is designed to assess the strength of the coating and provides a quick assessment of the quality of the bond to the substrate.

To perform the test, take a piece of sample and place and hold it tightly. Now make a scratch on the test specimen with the help of cross hatch instrument in the vertical direction. The cross hatch tester provides a visual comparison to paint and powder coatings of  a specific thickness,  which is easy and fast to use.

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    • The testing instrument is supplied with 1,2or 3 blades.
    • It complies following standards:

    ASTM D 3359, BS EN 2409: 2013, DIN EN 2409: 2013-6, ISO 2409: 2013

    • Easy to operate,
    • Portable instrument.

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