Why Is It Important To Make Rubber Products Abrasion Proof?

Why Is It Important To Make Rubber Products Abrasion Proof?

What is Abrasion?

Abrasion is a major factor that completely deforms the materials like rubbers, ceramics, coatings, metals, etc. when the material is rubbed against the rough material. This deforms the quality of the material but also decrease the working life of the product. Abrasion of the product can be tested efficiently with the help of very popular testing procedure i.e. Rubber Abrasion Resistance testing. The test method helps to determine the quality of the rubber by providing sufficient amount of abrasion to the specimen in order to analyze the actual working life of the material. This test is performed to determine the abrasion resistant property of the solid materials such as ceramics, composites, metals, thick coatings, etc. The main purpose behind the test is to perform a repetitive test on the materials to test its resistance to abrasion and to scratch under particular circumstances.

How is Rubber Abrasion Resistance Testing helpful?

The abrasion test is used to test the resistance of rubbers to abrasion in a given period of time under some specific conditions. The test helps to calculate the grade of the material as it can be judged only when the material is subjected to the rough conditions. The ratio of loss of particles from the sample is measured when the sample is kept under sufficient amount of abrasive pressure. Then compare the original sample of rubber with the specimen after the abrasion test. This comparison helps to judge the actual life of the rubbers as it is the major factor that explains the quality of the material.

Testing solution by Presto Stantest for Performing Rubber Abrasion Resistance Testing

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