Where can I buy top of the line package testing instruments?

Where can I buy top of the line package testing instruments?

package testing instruments

Do you want to ensure that your product packaging meets industry standards and regulations? Accurate packaging testing is the key to ensuring zero product rejection rates. Thus manufacturers of the paper & packaging industry will accurately test their products against defects with the help of Presto Quality Testing Instruments. We at Presto, being the leading paper & packaging testing instruments manufacturer have designed high-quality testing equipment to ensure accuracy in lab testing results. Our quality testing equipment has been manufactured as per quality standards so that customers will get accurate testing results.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line lab testing instruments then you should consult with our technical team of experts. In this blog, we are going to discuss brief information about Presto paper & packaging testing equipment and how our quality testing equipment will help you to test the quality of packaging.

Importance of packaging testing

Packaging testing is an essential part of quality control for any product that needs to be packed accurately. One of the most important aspects of packaging is its ability to withstand pressure during rough handling of products. Thus, we at Presto being the leading manufacturer of lab testing equipment has designed a different array of testing equipment that works well to test your products efficiently.

In addition, accurate packaging testing can help you avoid costly mistakes. For example, if you ship products that are not properly packaged, you may end up having to pay for damages incurred during shipping. This can add up to a lot of money over time.

Accurate packaging testing can help improve your bottom line. If your products are properly packaged and arrive safely at their destination, you will save money on shipping costs and potential product returns.

Our paper & packaging testing instruments have been designed as per industry standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct packaging tests on the materials.

Now, let us discuss briefly different tests conducted with the help of paper & package testing instruments.

Different Types of Packaging Tests conducted with paper & packaging testing instruments

There are many different types of packaging tests that can be performed in order to ensure that products meet industry standards. Some of the most common tests include:

  • Box compression testA box compression test is a method used to evaluate the strength and load-bearing capacity of a packaging box or container. It involves subjecting the box to compressive forces to measure its resistance to deformation and collapse. By simulating real-world conditions, the test provides valuable data on the maximum load a box can withstand before experiencing deformation or failure. Presto is a leading paper & packaging testing instruments manufacturer and designs different models of this testing instrument.

  • Bursting Strength TestThe bursting strength test is a commonly used method to measure the strength and resistance of materials, such as paper, cardboard, or plastic films. It involves subjecting a material to increasing hydraulic pressure until it bursts, and the pressure at which the rupture occurs is recorded as the bursting strength. Presto is a leading bursting strength tester manufacturer and designs this quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices.

  • Scuff Resistance TestScuffing refers to the abrasion or rubbing that occurs on packaging surfaces during handling, transportation, or storage. By subjecting packaging materials to scuff resistance tests, manufacturers can assess their ability to withstand such frictional forces. With the Presto scuff tester, you will easily be able to perform the scuff resistance test and can easily improve the quality of your packaging material.

  • Edge crush test: Conducting an edge crush test on packaging materials is crucial for assessing their strength and durability. The edge crush test measures the maximum amount of pressure a material can withstand along its edges before it collapses. This test is particularly important for corrugated cardboard, which is widely used in packaging applications. With the Presto edge crush test, manufacturers can easily evaluate the edge crush strength of the materials.

  • Peel bond strength test: Conducting a peel test on materials is important for evaluating the adhesion strength between layers or surfaces. The peel test measures the force required to separate or peel apart two bonded materials, such as adhesive tapes, labels, laminates, or coatings. This test provides valuable information about the quality, integrity, and durability of the bonding. With the Presto peel bond strength tester, manufacturers can easily conduct peel tests on the materials and ensure accuracy in test results.

You can easily conduct these tests and ensure accuracy in package testing. Presto is a leading packaging testing instruments manufacturer and designs different types of quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices. You can give us a call at  +91-9210 903 903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com to get a live demo for the use of this testing instrument.