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Assess Quality with Drop Test Method for Packages

Packaging industry has been increasingly making changes in their quality standards by making the carton boxes durable and resistant to damages such as impact through dropping. This is the primary condition which is faced by the carton boxes which is are used for packaging of delicate or strong both type of products.  To make your packaging box fit to withstand such drops and still do not damage itself or the content inside they are required to be tested under highly standardized testing setup such as, Drop Tester.

The packaging industry mostly relies upon the corrugated containers or the carton boxes for fulfilling the packaging requirements which usually are impact resistance, and durability. The manufacturers of corrugate boxes used for such purpose can make increase in the profit scale by testing the quality of their product using Drop testing machines.

The test equipment allows the user, to test the capacity of a packaging box to withstand dropping impacts. It ascertain the real behaviour of the product under such drops situations. These impact can be experienced mostly during shipping, handling or transit conditions. The testing machine is designed as per international test standards such as IS: 7028 Pt IV. Suitable for testing Boxes, Cans etc.

Its uses guide mechanism for moving the test platform upward and downward to adjust the drop height. It allow to perform dual test mode including straight and angular drop test. The specimen holding device is also equipped in the machine in case of angular test is performed.

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