What is Best Practice for Performing Drop Testing?

What is Best Practice for Performing Drop Testing?


Packaging can be easily segregated into two categories, one is primary and other is secondary. Primary packaging is that which is directly in contact with the product. The secondary is used for packing the primary packing for storage and transportation. The safe delivery of the contents largely depends on the sanity of the secondary packing. If it fails during the transit, the primary packing is exposed to different types of physical stress. To assure the quality of the box, there are certain types of tests performed on the secondary packing. Some of the common forms are cartons, wooden boxes, beehive crates etc.

What is drop test?

What happens to a carton when it falls from a height? It breaks? Tears? Deforms? What? Well, the answer is, you cannot predict the damage it may get. For that matter, you actually have to throw the carton from a certain height and analyse the behaviour. Or you can use a drop tester to do this. This is a machine, which is designed according to the testing standards of the relative industry. This machine has a platform to place the box, which will act as a specimen. The platform is lifted to a certain height and then dropped. The reason to have a machine for this test is to eliminate the human interference.

How to ascertain the drop height?

The testing procedure is clearly mentioned in the standard. So, as per the industrial requirement, a testing process can be followed. According to the process, the height for dropping the carton can be chosen. The maximum weight that can be tested is 60 kg.

What does this test tell?
Well, this test tells a lot about the stress-bearing capacity of the box due to poor handling. The test is performed on the 3 sides of the carton. Edgewise, cornerwise and flat face wise. If the carton falls on the corner, what impact it would have on the content packed inside. If it would fall flat on the face, what impact it would have and so on.

Presto’s drop tester comes with a wired remote to operate the machine. The platform to keep the box has 2 flaps which open up when a command is given from the remote. The test is very simple to perform and there are no numeric values to record. The only visual analysis is done as an observation. Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments for different industry verticals. For more information about drop tester and its usability in your industry, call our experts.