Importance of Edge Crush Test for Corrugated Boxes |

Importance of Edge Crush Test for Corrugated Boxes

Edge Crush Test or termed as ECT in short form, holds an important place in the testing procedures when corrugated boxes are manufactured. The test is conducted using the efficiency of Edge Crust Testers. The methods of the test are defined by multiple national and international testing standards so that one can evaluate the edgewise compressive strength corrugated sheets accurately.

To obtain repeatable and precise test results, the testing standards are applied. A vital thing which is to be taken care of is that while conducting the edge crush test, one must cut out the testing specimen using a sharp and parallel cutting methods in order to make it similar to its perpendicular faces. This type of test is the most vital test used to evaluate the durability of corrugated sheets.

Advantages from Edge Crush test


To establish the quality standard of the corrugated box with the given customer standards is very important. The first reason for this is very simple. In case the corrugated boxes are being constructed as per a particular testing standard which mentions entire specification list for the ECT test, then the box producers must conduct the edge crush test or ECT test in order to match the requirements with the regulations given in the standard.

The second point would be that the edge crush test or ECT is the most vital part of quality assurance in the corrugated industry. This is conducted to evaluate the important properties of corrugated boxes or sheets i.e. the box compression strength of a fiberboard. Also, the third reason is the conducting a material testing procedure. As we all know that the edge crush test is majorly a material testing, which is conducted to define the quality of a raw material like corrugated fibre board in this case.