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Use Precision Based Industrial Lab Oven for Ageing Process

Like human’s natural ageing process, plastic material ages too. It is true that the polymer are not considered to be as a living thing but when the cross a particular time period and ages, they show physical and chemical changes like us. They become weak and sensitive. They can break easily. And yes, this can also be a matter of huge importance. Conduction measurement, assessment or simulation of the ageing process for plastic materials are holds a huge importance for life of plastic material. The ageing of plastic can effects the performance and disturb many long-time polymer applications such as plastic used in construction industry. For instance the plastic pipes and plastic insulation utilized in the industries are expected to deliver durability for a long time run. And some biodegradable polymers are expected to break after a specified time period.

The Ageing in plastic is directly proportional to its stable nature. And is detected and modified as per requirement. The main causes responsible for ageing of polymers are few things combined together that is UV radiations, temperature, direct exposure to sunlight, relative humidity and moisture. Equipment such as Hot air Oven is an essential system which can imitate the artificial environment responsible for plastic ageing inside an insulated chamber. In humans, when they age, they become weak they change their appearance which is an indication of their weakness and while diagnosis of how much ageing has been done, they can tell the doctors about how they feel? But as polymers can’t speak their ageing process must be quantified by testing it in oven.

The Industrial Oven which is specially designed to conduct plastic ageing process can simulate the environmental factors inside the chamber. The equipment temperature is controller with PID temperature management system which allow precision based heating inside. A proper ventilation system is equipped in the chamber for releasing excess amount of heat so that it does not interfere in the test cycle. For circulating heated air internally a high-speed circulating fan is installed which is imported from Germany. The fan distributes and maintain a uniform heating in the chamber. The insulation is delivered using high grade glass wool insulation which ensures no loss of heated environment so that the test do not face any disturbance. The system can be easily calibrated as per industry requirement using the auto-tune technology in the machine. Feather soft operational buttons give access to set test parameters in the chamber.

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