Fundamentals of Hot Air Oven

Fundamentals of Hot Air Oven

Hot air oven is primarily used as dry steriliser in medical laboratories. In other industries like rubber, metal, plastic, etc. it is used in testing labs to assess the behaviour of different materials at high temperature. The machine treats the instrument on high-temperature range 50°C to 250°C. The flow of air remains circular in motion. This ensures the uniform distribution of hot air throughout the chamber. The principle behind this is very simple. As the air gets heated up, it becomes lighter and moves towards the ceiling of the chamber. As the air collides with the ceiling, it comes back down to the floor. This makes a regular circular motion of the air or fine gravity air convection.

Why Is It Called Dry Steriliser?


Since ages, different sterilisation techniques are being used. Treating the utensil in boiling water is a very common process. Dry sterilisation is now gaining popularity at exponential speed. In this process, the utensils are exposed to very hot and dry air. There is no need to have moist air. Due to high temperature, any sort of contamination gets vanished. This results in dry cleaning of the utensils. But it is very important that utensils are being washed first before any sterilisation treatment.

Standard Operating Procedure

The device is equipped with a heater to increase the temperature of the chamber and a fan to maintain the heat flow. Together, they form the hot dry air. The principle of fine gravity air convection applies here. The machine has a chamber which has double glass wool insulation to retain the heat inside the chamber. It has a two-door facility, and one of them is glass door to peep inside when the test is going on. Using a PID controller, the temperature inside the chamber is maintained constant. The device has noise free operation and conveniently designed to test or sterilise multiple products at the same time.

Why Presto’s Hot Air Oven?

Presto is a reputed name in manufacturing and supplying reliable testing instruments. All equipment are designed with utmost precision while following the testing standards. Hot air oven manufactured by Presto has German fan incorporated which results in an increase in shelf life of the machine by many folds. This has also reduced the cost of maintenance. We understand the fact that not every industry has same requirements, and this is why we are always open for customized demands. Be it the small chamber of walk-in ovens, we can do all. For more information about the specifications, contact our experts.