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The Best Testing Equipment To Test The Strength Of The Pet Bottles

The demand for PET products is increasing in the packaging industries for different purposes. The packaging of various products such as chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and beverages, is performed using PET bottles. The best quality packaging bottles are required as the products packaged inside are directly associated with the health of the users. The strength and quality of the PET bottles are a great responsibility of the manufacturers, and this could be accomplished with the assistance of proper testing instruments and processes.

The Bottle burst tester is used to test the bursting strength of the bottle as products present inside the PET bottles apply high pressure on the bottle. With the safety of the products, the testing instrument adds the maximum value of bursting force that a bottle can tolerate. This allows protection during transportation or storage process.

Worldwide Use of Bottle Burst Tester

All testing instruments in Zambia had passed all the international guidelines and norms. Presto offers best quality bottle burst testers that are widely used in packaging units of various products. The instrument is strictly in compliance with all the essential quality standards and comes with a conformance certificate as well as a user manual.

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