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Testing the Effect of Humidity on Tetra Packages

The tetra packages are the highest demand packaging material in the beverage industry. In this post we will see how humidity can affect the package and how we can test the resistance strength of the packaging material using humidity chamber.

The packages are made by combining 4 type of layers and then it’s made as the tetra package. The tetra package is considered to be the safest mode of packaging especially for milk. Although it is also used for packing fruit juices and other types of beverages. The main thing which makes it good and chosen by so many industry leaders is the quality of the material used for making that package.

The humidity chamber is used for testing these packages’ tolerance level in extreme humid conditions, the packages are so famous worldwide that is used by every continent and every geographical area is not the same. You may think how it is possible that a land is always humid. Well that can be the case when you are in Africa. This land is always in humid condition, now if someone is traveling with a tetra pack in that area and faces this type of weather. Then he or she might think that package must ensure the content protection.

But to your surprise you notice that the juice inside got rotten or got spoiled or that can be a case with the milk. Now you assume how it can be happened, well see you have to be sure that the package material used is tolerant to different weathering conditions or not. Humidity chamber can do that for you. The chamber provides a range of temperature an relative humidity testing of material to assure its behaviour in the actual life.

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