Flexural property of whole shoe sole-high quality of flexing tester

Test The Flexural Property Of Whole Shoe Sole With High Quality Of Flexing Tester

In today’s era, consumers get very much aware of comfort, quality and brand of the product they used. This has enhanced the competitions among the manufacturer to produce only high-quality of products to build a strong customer base. Same is happening in the footwear markets. The customers look for the pair which is more comfortable and of the best quality. This has raised fierce competition in the footwear market to use best and quality practices as well as quality standards to ensure that the customers are provided with comfortable, best quality and long-lasting footwear. To follow these quality testing policies, the manufacturer need to use high-quality testing machines that offer highly accurate data to measure the properties of the material which is used to manufacture the end product.

This can be tested efficiently with the help of high-quality of Bennewart Flex Tester.  The testing instrument is used to test the flexibility of rubber goods or elastomers and contributes to forecast the breaking point of the materials when placed under several fluctuating conditions. Bennewart flex tester is designed mainly to gauge the resistance of the material to cut the growth when flexural forces are provided to the materials. The instrument is used to assess the effect of surfaces patterns on the growth and crack initiation. This test is especially applicable to the outsoles of footwear, but it might also be used with certain other flexible component and properties.

The Bennewart Flex Tester comprises a drive unit with electric motor, belt systems and pulleys to provide desired amount of speed to the eccentric and linking mechanism to provide an oscillating movement to one of the provided two grips that perfectly clamps the end of the specimens another grip is kept fixed. The instrument is also equipped with the six-digit digital counter that counts the number of test cycles and stops the motor after pre-set number of test cycles. The device is painted and finished with the metallic paint along with the zinc or bright chrome plating to provide corrosion resistance finish to the product. Moreover, to perform the test accurately, various accessories are also provided along with the instrument like cutting die to prepare the samples and many more.

It is the best testing device which is widely used in the laboratories of rubber industries to test the quality, flexural properties and strength of the materials.