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Test Durability Of Rubbers With Bennewart Flex Tester

The elasticity and the flexural strength of the rubbers are the most important factor that enhances the usage of rubbers in different production verticals. The major application of the rubber materials is the “Footwear Industry”.  The soles of the footwear are made up of rubber materials as they require a high rate of elasticity and high flexural strength to stay in perfect condition for a long period. If the flexural strength or the elasticity of the rubber material is nit best in terms of quality, it will create visible cracks on the material that can lead to product failure. Therefore, the manufacturers in footwear industry must test the strength of the rubbers before using the device for the final product so that best quality of footwear can be provided to the customers.

Bennewart Flex Tester – To Measure the Flexural Strength

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Bennewart Flex Tester, to test the elasticity and flexural strength of the rubbers. The testing instrument is used to generate rigorous flexing conditions in horizontal directions to test the strength of the rubbers. This can help the users to determine the effect of continuous flexing on the rubber products. With this testing device, the manufacturers can efficiently rectify the defects that occurred on the materials due to continuous flexing. If you are looking to buy the testing device for your rubber testing laboratory, always look for the reputed manufacturer in the said niche.

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