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Test the Effect of Humid Environment on Cardboards

The effect of fluctuating environment on the stability of paper and cardboards can be studied by making use of high-quality testing machines. The effect of humidity cycling on cardboards can be investigated at three different temperatures such as 50°C, 70°C, and 90°C by exposing the sample to different relative humidity that is between 40% and 65%. The effect of temperature cycling can be examined in two different manners i.e.

  • By exposing the sample of cardboard to specific amount of Relative Humidity
  • By keeping the sample with moisture contents in the sealed cardboard box

The test procedures provide the rate of deterioration can further be examined by performing a certain test on the sample such as tensile test, etc. The effect of humid environment on cardboards can be judged easily using high quality of testing instruments i.e. Humidity chambers. These chambers help to create the actual humid environment at a required temperature as per the test conditions.

Presto Stantest, one of the renowned name in the world of testing instruments, offers a wide range of Humidity Chambers with user-friendly features that can be used to examine the quality of the cardboards. It is an ideal invention by Presto which is designed with latest technology features to create the desired level of temperature and humidity. The instrument is highly reliable and safe to use. Apart from its use in paper and cardboard manufacturing industries, the device is also used in plastics, rubbers, electronic goods, automotive parts, semiconductor devices and so forth. For detail information on the product, visit:

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