Enrich Battery Life By Providing Proper Humidity Conditions

Enrich Battery Life By Providing Proper Humidity Conditions

Due to depletion in fossil fuel and global warming, a serious problem arises threatening the existence of the human race. The demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems has grown manifold. Lithium ion batteries have powered consumer electronics for many decades. Goods like laptops, cell phones are operated by these batteries due to high energy densities, long calendar life, safety etc. It is important to note that battery configuration plays an important role in battery performance but the storage environment is also equally important.

These batteries are exposed to outdoor environments during most of their lifetime such as high humidity and hot and cold temperature conditions within the range of -30°C to 52°C. The safe manufacture of Lithium ion batteries should be in a relative humidity of less than 1%. Humidity is a great danger in production verticals risking the safety of plant employees.


Various testing instruments are available in the market to test the humidity conditions of batteries. Environmental cabinet gives a simulated environment that has a controlled range of temperature and relative humidity. Accurate chamber conditions are created within the chamber to test batteries for durability, reactions and life expectancy.

The instrument adheres to various standards that make it suitable for testing various materials coming from different sectors. Flexible control over the testing parameters. You can set many test cycles with pre-determined steps of low and high temperatures and relative humidity according to time. The whole program includes a display on HMI based touchscreen. It sets test parameters by monitoring real-time test data, handling the test data memory. You can also obtain a temperature cycle graph on the screen for various comparisons.


Humidity Test Chamber has a long validity period having several reputed components. It has two standard sized trays for placing the sample. And the temperature ranges from -40°C to +150°C. The range of humidity is from 20% to 98% RH. It is protected with PU Foam insulation to prevent heat loss.

Many conditioning chambers uses advanced technology that can generate various temperature and humidity within the cabinet. The humidity chambers are also called conditioning chambers that are used in testing laboratories to evaluate the effect of various atmospheric condition on the chemical, mechanical and physical properties of the product. These chambers are used in rubber, plastic and pharmaceutical industries to test the effect of the environment on their products. The expert team is there to advice you in selecting the best instrument at an affordable price.