Test The Compression Strength To Make Boxes Compression Proof

Test The Compression Strength To Make Boxes Compression Proof

The packaging of the industrial products is a major factor that plays a significant role to determine the quality and ensures the safety of the corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are used to pack industrial as well as domestic products. It protects the products from any form of deformation or external impact. It is important for the manufacturers to use only strong corrugated boxes that can survive in harsh and rigorous conditions even at the time of transportation so that the products that are contained in the boxes remains protected.

Compression Tester – Best to Ensure the Durability of Boxes

To ensure the long working life of the corrugated boxes, the manufacturers of corrugated boxes test the boxes with the help of box compression tester which contributes to measuring the maximum compression strength that corrugated boxes can bear when subjected to an excessive amount of load.

Finest Quality of Packaging Compression Tester by Presto

Presto Stantest offers the finest quality of Box Compression Tester, which is widely used in the packaging industries to test the strength of the corrugated boxes. Using the highly effective testing machine, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to measure the compression strength and capacity of different packaging products such as beehive crates, paper tanks, and cartons.

The Presto’s Box Compression tester is user-friendly and easy to operate the testing machine. Presto manufactures two models of Box Compression Tester i.e. digital model and computerized model. The instrument provides the result in newtons, kgf, and lbf.  The testing machine is designed in compliance with the standards that are provided by ASTM, ISO, BIS and many other reputed organizations.