Test Compression Property Of Rubbers With Compression Set Apparatus

Test Compression Property Of Rubbers With Compression Set Apparatus

With increasing requirement of high-quality of rubbers, the need of high-quality of testing instruments is also increasing day by day. One of the majorly used testing machines which are used in Rubber Industry is Compression Set Apparatus. The testing instrument is used to analyze deeply the original thickness or the thickness after compression and to determine the enhancing recovery of the sample from corrosion. The test result gathered is known as the percentage of compression which is applied to the original material. The testing device is used to verify the properties of the rubbers such as elasticity and compression strength of the material after providing extended compression.

How Presto’s Compression Set Apparatus is Different from Others?

The testing machine is designed to test the compression set which is kept under different pressure. The testing device is assembled with four stainless steel plates that have flat and analogous faces. These plates are fixed parallel one above the other with the help of Allen bolts. To provide a specific amount of compression to the test specimens, circular shaped of spacers are arranged to set the apparatus in the oven in order to analyze the effect of varied temperatures on the rubber material.

How the Compression Strength of Rubber is measured?

The compression strength of the materials is measured after introducing the specimen to the constant deflection and under the specific weight. The strength which is kept under deflection is hence determined by loading a circular shape of the specimen under the determined amount of weight for a given period of time at different temperatures or even at room temperature. Now leave the sample for some time to retain its original position. Compression Set Apparatus offers precise test results.