Test The Compression Strength Of Fruits With Fruits Compression Tester

Test The Compression Strength Of Fruits With Fruits Compression Tester

Fruits are packed in the containers by placing them one above the other to make a pile of fruits to transport them safely from one location to another. This procedure of packaging exerts sufficient amount of pressure on the lower layer of the fruits that are packed inside. This pressure damages the quality of the fruits. In order to find the maximum pressure that a single fruit can bear without compressing or damaging, a premium quality of Hardness Tester is used. There are many manufacturers of testing equipments in the market that offers the best quality of testing machines to test the quality of the fruits.

Fruits Compression Tester –Best to Measure the Top Load Strength

One of the best devices that are used to test the hardness and compression strength of the fruits is the Fruits Compression Tester. The instrument works by providing the pressure on the fruit in one direction i.e. from upward to downward direction. This test procedure deforms the fruit by providing sufficient amount of compression force on the fruit to measure the load capacity of the fruits that a fruit can bear to its maximum.

Best Solution to Test the Stacking Strength of Fruits

Presto offers premium quality of Fruits Compression Tester, which helps the manufacturers in food and packaging industries to examine the actual count of fruits that can be stacked up on the single fruit without deforming the fruit. The testing machine is designed as per the standard test methods that are provided by the global standardization authorities.