Test Burst Strength of PET Bottles in Standardised Way

Test Burst Strength of PET Bottles in Standardised Way

PET containers are produced to convey soft drink and other pressurised refreshments that supports a great deal measure of inward weight. Under the pressure of inner power, the material may burst out if not produced with great quality material and using the appropriate method. Bottle burst tester measures the clear interior quality of the containers by giving a pre-set measure of weight on the sample. It provides the genuine conduct of PET containers under expanding inner weight.

PET bottle Burst Tester is equipped with weights to keep an accurate record of the connected weight between the test and the weight an incentive at which the part neglect to support and blast. It has a digital clock to control the sample timing. The test equipment gives the predominant size of test gripping methods that ensure zero slippage of the sample and no weight mishap pen between the tests.

The equipment i.e. PET Bottle Pressure Tester adheres to ASTM C147-86 (2015) standards that are viewed as an accurate test standard used to check the nature of PET containers designed to convey pressure refreshments. With computerised based presentation, the machine delivers its best quality. This assures zero possibility of errors as pneumatic weight control is seen as an important weight managing method.

The sample clipping is upgraded by connecting the container with a rotational dimension arm. Automated weigh hold office is available. In between the test, the weight at which the bottle neglects to resist and blast are recorded. The testing office is right for several bottles and has estimates that give a buzzing sound on the conclusion of the test.

Bottle Burst Tester is useful for testing cans and packs, CSD line bottles where pressurised lines of carbonated liquid are filled. The sample is placed at the opening and pressure in the form of air is applied at a controlled pressure.

The wall thickness and the design of the bottle are important parameters and the effectiveness of the design of the bottle is tested.  The bottle expansion volume and the burst pressure are determined by performing this test. The equipment provides maximum time limit up to 999 seconds. It has easy to access the inbuilt self-calibration facility.

A strong clamping mechanism to conduct tests and no slippage in case of sample clamped uniformly using clamping and lever arm. It has a separate display for input pressure i.e. 290 psi and applicable for various sized of PET bottles. Maximum diameter of the bottle neck is 21mm and the minimum diameter of the bottle neck is 23 mm. The maximum diameter of the bottle is 150mm.