Quality Drop Tester Motorized Pneumatic for Packaging Industry

Quality Drop Tester Motorized Pneumatic for Packaging Industry

Drop Tester Motorized Pneumatic

In the packaging industry, the corrugated box or fiberboards have to pass the drop testing in order to assure the potential and strength. It helps to determine the weight or forces it can bear while storage or transportation to reduce the harm because of spoilage. Through this test, the improvement in the packaging can be done while knowing the measurement for cover-fullness, shockproof, and adequacy of product’s durability.

The Drop Tester Motorized Pneumatic by Presto evaluates the damages of the packaged finished products with drop or fall procedure. This testing instrument can test all the angles and faces of the package container. It helps the manufacturer to know the protection measures of the product against damage during storing or transportation. It is a stable and reliable operation to test the edges, faces, and corners of the product.

Test Application of Drop Tester:

The drop testing is basically done in two industries, these are:

  • Cardboard & Paper Testing
  • Packaging Testing Instruments

The investment in testing instruments benefits you by providing quality among your products. Hence, trusting a reliable manufacturer and marketer of the testing instruments would definitely bring success to your business. At Presto, the technical experts efficiently work on the market challenges for various testing instruments. To meet various challenges among Drop Testing Machines, Presto brings the motorized Pneumatic Drop Tester with the following technical features.

Advanced Features of Drop Tester Motorized Pneumatic:

  • This testing machine is precise and reliable
  • It has a sturdy model for easy-to-use operation.
  • This precise machine adheres to International Standards.
  • The angular drop arrangement determines the result of dropping from all angles.
  • It is a cost-effective and result-oriented machine.

Trust Presto to Build Trust among Your Clients

Many manufacturing and packaging industries prefer Presto as their first preference for testing instruments. It is all because of the team of research and development, marketing and manufacturing who works continuously to bring the best among our clients. While being our partner, you will get.

  • Accredited calibration for all testing machines
  • Timely delivery with training at your doorstep.
  • 100% effective results on testing that are accurate, reliable, and precise.
  • Long-lasting business relationship through a transparent business deal.

Build trust among your clients by trusting Presto for Testing Instruments. We ensure you have a prosperous business while working with us. To get the expert's advice, connect with us at +91-9210 903 903 or get a competitive quote for Drop Tester at info@prestogroup.com.