How to treat the Major Quality Issues in Beverage Packaging

How to treat the Major Quality Issues in Beverage Packaging

The industry of beverages is known to be facing the highest competition compared to all other verticals. And the only section where they tremendously focus upon is their packaging. As that is the point where they attract their maximum consumers. Staring from various shaped bottles, sometime they might shape like a man or any animal or many other things, colourful stickers and interesting content. These are the things which promote the brand and a major part of their marketing.

Other than these, it also important for the manufacturer that when the item reaches its final destination, its quality outer and inner both must retain its integrity and standards. For instance containers which pack carbonized drink must take care that the gas should not leak outside and on the other hand, the fresh juices or milk which are packed on another type of PET bottles must retain their freshness inside. Hence, it is very important to test the quality of PET bottles using Polariscope strain viewer machine.


The very common type of defects which are faced by the PET industry is stress and strain distribution and Poor transparency. Strain distribution must be evaluated in the PET industry at a very early stage when the preforms are ready. This kind of stress defines the quality of the pet bottles. The validity and the structure quality depends on the stress distribution level. The poor condition of transparency in a bottle is a very important factor to be noted and tested. One must avoid the loss of opaqueness in bottles. The bottles should be opaque enough to not allow the sunrays enter instead the bottles from the wall and damages the content inside.

To get rid of these issues the manufacturer must conduct important quality assurance test prior to the final production started or in between the production line.

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