Prevent Contamination With Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Prevent Contamination With Laminar Flow Clean Bench

The Laminar Flow Clean Bench is an ergonomically designed bench which is intended to prevent the contamination of biological samples, semiconductor wafers, and other particle sensitive materials. Air is drawn in the Laminar Air Flow Bench through an HEPA filter and blown smoothly towards the user. The cabinet is designed with the stainless steel material with no joints or gaps from where the spores can be collected easily. Such types of hoods are available both with vertical and horizontal configurations. Various types of cabinets are available in the market with the variety of airflow patterns and acceptable uses. The Laminar flow cabinets have an ultraviolet lamp that can sterilize the contents and interior area when not in use.

Requirement of Laminar Flow Bench

The medical research laboratories require a clean and hygienic environment in order to perform specialized and crucial work. This can be maintained easily with the help of this testing machine. The device helps to keep the working area dust free or contaminants free. These cabinets make the environment particle free and dust free by providing clean and hygienic aid from the HEPA filter system. The device offers clean and an excellent environment to fulfill the testing requirements in different laboratories for various applications.

Specifications & Features of Presto’s Laminar Flow Clean Bench

  • The side panels of the testing machine are assembled with the acrylic slide panels that are designed with tough and strong glass materials.
  • It is a table top model with filters with washable pre-filters.
  • Blower and motor of the instrument are simply amazing and ensures low vibration and noise.

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