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Evaluate The Elongation Force Of Films & Laminates With Perforation Tester

Perforation is the strategy that measures the elongation and strength of the thermoplastic films that can be expanded with ease. The principle method lies in the Perforation Force Measurement Instrument to test the force which is required to make holes between the two sachets to separate the packets easily. The perforation tester helps to measure the force which is necessary to separate the packages. The working of the perforation tester measures the force which is required to perforate a thermoplastic film. Apart from measuring the force, the apparent strength and elongation with the help of stress-strain curve. The result of the perforation test can be compared easily with the tensile test that stretches a material from the two ends. The measurement of perforation force which is required by two samples can be analyzed efficiently with the instrument.

Perforation Force Measurement Instrument by Presto

Presto Stantest provides Perforation Tester is widely used in Paper and Packaging Industries to test the elongation strength of the pouches, packets, thermoplastic films and packets to measure the force which is required to separate two packets with a little amount of force from the perforated area. The device works on the principle of tensile test which measure the force which is required to separate the packets from the perforated area. The testing equipment is designed as per the standards that are provided by reputed organization. The testing machine provides highly accurate and reliable test results. Call our experts to know more about Perforation Force Measurement Instrument, or visit:

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