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Prevent Your Products From Bursting

Packaging defines the quality of the products as people nowadays judge the quality of the content with its  packaging. Hence, the manufacturers are focusing on producing high-quality packaging material to pack the goods and to enhance the demand for their products. If the packaging is of good quality, the customers will consider the product as more hygienic and fresh, and if the packaging of the product is not good, the customers will find the product as less sterile. Moreover, Good Quality packaging saves the product from various types of damages that occur at the time of transportation, storage and warehousing like bursting.  Hence, it is essential to test the bursting strength of the products before and after the production process to ensure the safety of the products.

Bursting strength of a material can be gauged with the help of a testing instrument known as Bursting Strength Tester. This test is performed to analyze the maximum force required to rupture the material completely. This test helps to examine the potency of various materials like Rexene, paper, textile, leathers, etc. when subjected to standard hydraulic pressure.

Presto Stantest offers high quality of bursting strength tester to analyze the bursting strength of papers and related materials. The instrument provides highly accurate test results. The test machine is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the standards as given by various national and international standardization authorities.

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