Melt flow index tester for indonesia to determine the viscosity

Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester For Indonesia To Determine The Viscosity Of The Polymers

Plastics are widely used in every production house to pack different types of products. It is the major component which has completely vanished the requirement of other secondary means of packaging. With the large demand for plastic products, it is must to measure the quality of the plastics in which the products are packed. The plastics are highly versatile in nature. Due to the high versatility of the plastic product, it is preferred by all the manufacturers in every production vertical. The quality of the plastic is measured effectively with the determination of viscosity using MFI. The more the melt flow rate of the plastics, lower will be its viscosity and the less the melt flow rate, higher will be its viscosity. The melt flow rate of the plastics can be accurately measured with the help of high-quality of Melt Flow Index Tester.

Melt Flow Index Tester – Best for the Determination of the Viscosity of Plastics

Melt Volume Rate tester or MFI tester is widely used testing device which is used in all plastic manufacturing industries to measure the flow rate of the plastic resins or granules. The higher the MFI of granules, simpler will be its molecular structure and lower the MFI of granules, more complex will be the molecular structure of the plastics. The plastics are used in the form of Plastic pouches, PET bottles, Plastic containers and many more. Out of these plastic containers, PET products are used in different industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, paint and plating and many more as they can efficiently and safely store the chemicals.

Solution by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Plastic testing instruments, manufactures and supplies high-quality of Melt Flow Index Tester for Indonesia. Presto has introduced an extensive range of upgraded models of plastic testing instruments for Indonesia to produce high quality of plastic products. For more information on Presto’s MFI tester for Indonesiacontact our technocrats.