Polariscope- The Best Solution For Quality Assurance Of Pet Preforms

Polariscope- The Best Solution For Quality Assurance Of Pet Preforms

Most of the industries involved in manufacturing or processing of consumable such as food items, beverages, medicines, etc., use PET bottles as the best solution for packaging of these products.

These PET bottles are best for packaging because they are stronger, safer and are economical to use. Most of the products packaged in the PET bottles need the best level of hygiene and safety hence it is essential to use only the best quality of PET bottles for them. The manufacturers need to ensure that the PET bottles supplied to the customers are of best quality.

There are many quality testing procedures and quality testing equipments that can help the manufacturers in ensuring the best quality of PET bottles. The first step of the quality assurance of the PET products is to check the quality of the PET preforms. The preforms are the basic raw material used for blowing of the bottles. If the quality of the preforms is perfect, then there are very fewer chances of quality defects in the PET bottles.

The Polariscope strain viewer is a one of the best testing solutions that can be used to check PET preforms before blowing them to bottles.  The instrument is used for testing the preforms for various defects such as crystallization defects, proper strain distribution, air bubbles, etc. With the help of Polariscope, the manufacturers can make sure that only the best quality preforms are blown so that best quality of PET bottles could be obtained.

Presto is a competent supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Polariscope strain viewer which is used in many PET and Preform industries to ensure the quality of Preforms. The instrument is best for quality assurance and has a very easy and simple operation. Additionally, it also adheres to all the national and international standards.