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PET Bottle Volume Expansion with ASTM C147-86 Tester

PET bottle are the best packaging material considered for the Soda bottle and carbonated beverage. Due to their internal resistance towards compressed pressure of the beverage, they are considered to be ideal for the job. However, just using PET material alone for the bottle doesn’t help, The material standard used, the bottle manufacturing process, the filling line, the closure’s leak integrity etc. all are part of overall quality of the bottle.

So there are chances of lower resistance strength in some of the containers. Solution for segregating the ones with poor quality standards is conducting PET bottle volume expansion test using ASTM C147-86 Tester. Such kind of test equipment can help the manufacturers of PET bottle to check the bottle burst resistance.


The equipment is a robust structure which stands straight and use less space on floor. Follows international test standards. Controlled using microprocessor based program. Digital display screen for reading test values. Pneumatically controlled pressure systems. Highly adjustable sample clamping section designed to carry various sizes and shapes of bottle. Automated pressure hold facility during the test. Can be easily calibrated using auto-tune facility. Equipped with safety alarm system which buzz after test completion. Single push button for test start/stop process.

AS per ASTM standard, the machine is capable of determining the breaking strength of the container under internal pressure build-up conditions. The bottle holder for other sizes of bottle sis also available on request. The Bottle burst value calculation is very important for Bottle makers, so that they can improve the resistance strength of the production.

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