Tearing Strength Tester – Measure The Tearing Strength Of Fabrics Efficiently

Tearing Strength Tester – Measure The Tearing Strength Of Fabrics Efficiently

Tear Test is the best test procedure which is widely used in textile industries to test the tearing strength of the fabrics and material. The tear test is defined as the minimum amount of force which is required to tear apart of the test sample of the material. In industries like paper, textile, packaging and many more measuring the tearing strength is the fundamental attribute of materials as well as products that explain the quality of the products to a certain level.

Purpose of Measuring the Tearing Strength of the fabrics

The tear test is the test procedure that determines the amount of force which is required to achieve complete or certain rupture of the test specimen. The testing is performed by placing the test sample on the device tearing strength tester. A specific amount of pressure is applied to the specimen in such a manner that the two parts of the fabric are torn apart in opposite direction. Presto Stantest offers extremely accurate tearing strength tester which is used to test the quality of the material. The testing instrument is designed and manufactured in compliance with various standard test methods that are provided by reputed standardization authorities. To check the specifications of the device, consult our experts.

Use of tearing Strength Tester in Different Applications

The tearing Strength Tester is used in various production vertical like packaging industries, rubber industries, textile industries, etc. in various applications. The different products that can be tested with the help of tearing strength tester in these industries include paper, elastomers, rubbers, cardboard, textiles, fabrics, etc.

Presto Stantest is a renowned manufacturer of a testing equipment that offer a high quality of testing instrument to all production houses. Presto’s tearing strength tester offers highly accurate test results