Significance Of Measuring Tearing Strength Of Materials

Significance Of Measuring Tearing Strength Of Materials

What is Tearing Strength Tester?

The Tearing Strength tester is highly precise and falling pendulum kind of tearing strength testing machine which is equipped with the analog display which is used to measure the average force which is required to measure the broadcast

a single split tongue type tear that initiate with a small cut in materials like woven fabrics, plastics, papers, non-woven fabric materials which are used for proper configuration. The testing machine strictly conforms to ASTM standards. Tearing Strength Tester is a laboratory tested testing device which is used mainly to measure the average force in grams per sample which is essential to spread, tearing through a specified length of non-rigid sheets or plastics.

How the instrument Tearing Tester works?

The testing machine works on the principle to determine the inside tearing resistance of the products, the force which is perpendicular to the surface of the sheet is required to fragment multiple plies from a particular area after the split is initiated. The strength of the materials is evaluated to measure the work done by slitting the fabric from a particular length of the testing machine using Elmendorf Tearing strength Tester.

Significance of Measuring Tearing Force:

The tear factor is measured mainly to compare the quality of two materials to measure the tearing strength. It is calculated by dividing the tearing resistance of paper with the weight of the substance

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