Inspect The Actual Worth Of Corrugated Boxes With Drop Tester

Inspect The Actual Worth Of Corrugated Boxes With Drop Tester

Packaging not only helps to attract the customers, but it also ensures the safety of the products. There are numerous attributes that conclude the quality of the packaging materials such as compression strength, bursting strength, tensile strength, water absorbency strength, drop strength and many more. Packaging products face many hurdles during the warehousing and transit till it reaches the hands of the customers. The major factor that badly affects the quality of the corrugated boxes is the drop or fall that burst the boxes and can even influence the quality of the products that are packed inside. The drop strength of the boxes can be determined by dropping the boxes of certain angle and certain height that helps to gauge the strength of the materials.

How the drop test on the corrugated box can be performed?

The Drop test on the cartons and other paper or corrugated boxes can be determined by using highly effective testing instruments i.e. Drop tester. The testing instrument is highly effective that are designed with customized specifications. The device can be used as per the requirement of the application. The user can set the desired height and the desired angle to drop the material to create the actual conditions that the product will face at the time of handling.

Standards of Presto’s Drop Tester

Presto Stantest offers a wide assortment of Drop Tester to test the drop strength of different materials such as corrugated boxes, PET bottles, containers, etc.   The instrument is designed as per the standards that are provided by standardization authorities that ensure highly accurate and reliable test results. The Presto’s Drop Tester for corrugated Boxes is designed as per the standards IS: 7028 Part-IV. The standard is provided to perform a complete test on filled corrugated boxes to measure their drop strength.