Identify Heat Seal Strength of Packaging Materials

Identify Heat Seal Strength of Packaging Materials

Due to the growing packaging world, the Form-Fill-Seal machine is required by many industries like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food etc. Form fill seal (FFS) machines are devices that form the package, fill it with either wet or dry product and seal it to close. Various FFS systems utilise flexible film to create the primary package like pouch and bag. The filling method uses a method in which the product is dropped into the package from a pre-set height that affects the bottom section of the package. In case the bottom area is not rigid to bear the impact, it ruptures and the package breakage is there in the industry line.

The reason is the low heat seal strength. In real time production, the time period between the process of heat sealing and product filling is very less. So, the sealing area does not get enough time to cool down completely. Hot seal strength tester is used by the manufacturers to evaluate the minimum heat seal parameters for the packaging materials.

Hot tack force is the adhesive strength of packing materials in hot temperature before cooling down. A force in the packaging material ensures the normal working flow of the filling production system. This force affects directly to the filling efficiency and the package breakage rate in the industry. To measure the quality and durability of packages, hot tack testing is required as an important part of package manufacturing.

Hot Tack Tester-Prima Series uses hot tack testing method to measure the heat seal strength made from thermoplastic surfaces immediately after the seal is done and before it cools down to room temperature. The heat seal property is important for the material that is used to form-fil-seal packaging as it uses vertical product filling.


Benefits of heat seal strength testing are:

  • It helps to evaluate the mechanical strength of the seal that helps to analyse proper material bonding to maintain package integrity throughout package life.
  • Information that we get through testing is used to validate the package design sufficient to maintain the package integrity.
  • To monitor process performance and assure a period of validity for performance.
  • Helps in ensuring control of the peel.
  • Threshold sealing temperature i.e. least temperature at which the hot tack strength is obtained.
  • Seal strength is the maximum peak force.
  • Hot tack temperature range is the minimum range at which the required hot tack strength is achieved.

Hot Tack Tester is an important part of form-filled sealing production to enhance the efficiency of work and maintain the brand name in the competitive world.