How to test the Intactness of PET Bottles?

How to test the Intactness of PET Bottles?

PET products are widely used in different production houses to fulfill the purpose of packaging. The PET bottles are widely used to pack liquid products that are manufactured in different industries such as syrups and medicines in pharmaceutical industries, liquid detergents, and acids in chemical industries, beverages in food industries, etc.  PET bottles are usually considered as the best mode of packaging liquids and other consumable items because of various attributes and hence used by the manufacturers in different industries.

Benefits of Using PET Bottles

  • PET bottles do not release any kind of toxic chemicals, just like normal thermoplastics, when coming in direct contact with the chemicals or heat.
  • They are available in different sizes and shapes
  • PET bottles are inexpensive to produce as compared to the containers of other materials such as metals, glass, aluminum, etc.
  • PET bottles are stronger in nature as compared to other products. Hence considered as ideal material for critical packaging products such as acid, pharmacy products, etc.
  • It is the best product that maintains the quality and integrity of the materials that are packed inside and maintain the hygiene of the products.

Because of the various benefits and usage of PET bottles, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure the quality of PET bottles before delivering the final product to the customers for bottling or packaging of products. A bad quality of PET bottle can directly affect the quality of the product which is packed inside, can degrade the quality of the product and can result in fatal accidents in case acids or medicines are packed inside. There are numerous instruments that must be sued to test the strength and quality of PET bottles so that only premium quality of bottles can be supplied to the customers.

How can the quality of PET bottles be determined?

The quality of PET bottles can be determined by determining various properties of PET bottles such as torque of bottle cap, leakage integrity, seal strength, the thickness of the wall, perpendicularity of bottles, section weight analysis to avoid frequent fall, etc. These tests can be performed on PET bottles using high-quality of testing machines. One of the widely used PET bottle testing devices which is used to measure the quality of PET bottles is vacuum leak tester. It is a highly effective testing machine that helps the manufacturers of PET bottles in ensuring that the bottles does not have any kind of leakage and completely defect free.

How does Vacuum Leak Tester work?

The vacuum leak tester comprises of a highly pressurized vacuum to test the integrity of the PET bottles. In this manner, PET manufacturers can test that the products will remain safe and fresh for a long time. Moreover, this will also help to prevent the leakage of the PET products.

The instrument uses a highly pressurized vacuum to test the integrity of the PET bottles. In this way, the PET manufacturers can ensure that the products will remain safe and fresh for a long time. Additionally, this will also help in preventing the spillage of the products.

How to perform the test?

The testing procedure is started by placing the sample in the sample placement area, or desiccator and water are filled in the desiccator after that prescribed amount of vacuum is created. After generating the vacuum, the bottle is inspected for the development of bubbles or for any type of deformation in the bottle. If bubbles are generated in the water, it means that the bottles have some pinhole. Using vacuum leak tester, the manufacturer can assure that the bottles are free from any type of leakage and can be used for packaging any type of product.

The manufacturers of testing instruments offer a wide range of high-quality vacuum leak tester with different and high-end specifications to test the leak integrity of the PET bottles.

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of testing instruments offers a wide range of vacuum leak tester. It is a highly consistent testing device which is used to check the integrity of pouches, foiled cuts, PET bottles, tetra packs and many more visually when they are kept under high-volume of vacuum. The instrument is intended in strict compliance with various standard test methods that are provided by various regulatory bodies. One such type of vacuum leak tester is designed with LCD display.

Key Expertise of Vacuum Leak Tester with LCD display

  • Fully micro controlled operations
  • displays the generated vacuum on the screen,
  • It has large size bright LCD display that show the results graphically.
  • Offers provision of auto release of vacuum from Desiccator
  • Maximum time for vacuum generation is 0-999 seconds.
  • Helps to “Set” required vacuum and offers a provision hold time.
  • Assembled with portable, built-in maintenance free, and oil free vacuum pump.