Carbon black content apparatus is helpful for plastic manufacturer

How Presto’s Carbon Black Content Apparatus Is Helpful For Plastic Manufacturers?

What is Carbon Black Apparatus and why is it used?

Carbon Black Content Apparatus is used to measure the percentage of the carbon black content in plastic materials such as polyethylene. The test is performed on the materials in which carbon is presented in its free state. According to the reputed standards, the percentage of the carbon content in samples is measured by computing the difference in the mass of test samples after and before performing the test process. The lab testing machine is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the standards such as ASTM D – 1603, IS 2530, IS 4984 and many more. The testing machine is used to measure the efficiency of plastics or polyethylene materials. It helps to measure the quality of the materials in a particular environment as per the gravimetric difference.

Specifications & Features of the Device

The testing machine is necessary and protective that can be operated by anyone. The glass of the machine is designed with the high-quality of alloys to maintain the level of unfortunate fusions. The temperature of the lab testing machine can be controlled easily by the user-friendly controls that ensure temperature stability. The testing machine is also provided with the tube-type furnace which is constructed using mild steel material. The temperature range of the furnace can be set from 0 degrees to 115 degree Celsius. The device is designed with the digital PID controller that ensures precise and accurate results.