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How Low Quality Sealing can lead to Product Failure

In order to keep the packed material fresh and high in quality two things are very important i.e. the seal quality and its strength. They may sound same by name but are very much difficult to understand that they are technically distinct. When this type of things are related to the pharma industry and the biological industry or hospital industry, it is very much important that they must show high quality. In this post we will learn about the role of peel strength tester in quality control.

Presto is one of the most renowned company which manufactures and supply peel strength tester. The machine is constructed as per ASTM D903 testing standards. In this the specimen plastic is placed and tit is clamped tightly then the adhesion is checked by heating it. The after cooling down the seal is checked by pulling so that it can be judged for its integrity and quality. It is very important to assure good quality seals as we know that seals are so important in medical industry specially.


The seals which are done on the medical instruments are very important. They must be strong enough to not allow any contaminant enter inside and danger the purification of the material. And that happened that could be very much risky.

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