How Izod Impact Tester Play a Significant Role in Evaluating the Durability of the Materials?

How Izod Impact Tester Play a Significant Role in Evaluating the Durability of the Materials?

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With the high use of plastics in different industries, it is impeccable for different manufacturers to test the plastic products accurately against forces and check their reliability and sturdiness. To do this, using right quality lab testing instrument is very important.

Presto manufactures a top-notch impact test machine to conduct the impact-resistance test on the materials and make sure that the right products are received by the customers. 

All About Impact Plastic Impact Resistance Testing

In the manufacturing sector, the testing of the materials is an essential quality-checking procedure. It aids in assessing alterations in the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials. This procedure entails exposing products to diverse conditions to evaluate their durability, strength, and reliability. Through this testing, manufacturers can identify potential issues in products before presenting them to customers. Furthermore, they can assess the performance of the products in the real-world environment.

Significance of Performing Izod Impact Test

This test is used to gauge the sturdiness of the plastic materials. Typically, plastic materials undergo deformation when subjected to sudden shocks or impacts. The Izod impact tester is employed to conduct tests and assess whether these materials can endure abrupt forces without experiencing cracks or breakage.

Moreover, this test can evaluate the impact resistance ability of different materials. By using this testing process, manufacturers can easily determine the suitability of materials against different applications. This test involves placing the testing specimen by subjecting it to a high speed pendulum hammer, and calculating the force that will be needed to break the testing specimen. Presto is an established lab equipment supplier. Izod impact tester is one of those lab equipment manufactured by Presto. Presto develops a high-quality izod impact tester which helps manufacturers gain insights into the strength of their materials. 

Applications of Izod Impact Testing Machine in Various Industries

The primary industry in which this equipment is used is the automobile industry. Cars and vehicles are usually exposed to dynamic forces and impacts on the roads. Thus, it is essential to test their impact resistance against sudden forces so that the chances of accidents are minimized on the roads. Another industry that relies on this test is the consumer goods industry since plastic is heavily used in household appliances and electronic goods as well. Hence, it is essential to test their durability against the forces that can happen during the delivery process. It will help the manufacturers to pinpoint the flaws and defects in their products. This testing instrument will provide easy test on plastics and help them determine their quality. 

How to differentiate Izod and Charpy Impact Test

This test is performed to check the durability of plastic materials.  Both the tests follow the same principle yet the steps that will be followed to perform the tests are different in both the tests. The points that make both the tests different are.

  • Notch Direction 

The direction of the notch differs in both izod and Charpy impact tests. It faces the striker in the izod test and it is away from the striker in the Charpy test.

  • Types of notches

There are two types of notches for specimens for both tests. The specimen has a V-notch in the Izod test and for the Charpy test, the specimen has a U-notch. 

  • Striking Point

For both tests, the position of the hammer is different. In the vertical or Izod test, the hammer makes a strike on the upper tip of the specimen. In the Charpy test, hammer makes a strike at the notch but in the opposite direction. 

  • Hammer Types

Different types of hammers are used in both tests. In the Izod test, a farming hammer is used and in the Charpy test, a Ball Pin hammer is used. You can read more on the difference between izod and charpy impact testing. 

Enhancing the Brand Awareness with Izod Impact Tester

Izod Impact tester tests the products carefully before delivering them to the customers. 

Additionally, rejection rates by the customers decrease as customers are already receiving good quality products timely. The customers will not return the products and it makes the entire process cost-efficient as well. When customers do not return the products, then the cost incurred in delivering the products again reduces.  You can easily perform this pendulum impact resistance of plastics by testing their durability. 

Exceptional Customer Services

Presto offers exceptional customer services after sales as well. Presto is a customer-oriented company and always believes in meeting the expectations of the customers. Thus, service engineers from Presto only visit the companies in case of any technical issues post-installation of the machines.

Furthermore, proper training is given to the operators at the time of the installation so that operators do not face any difficulty in operating the machine. The calibration of the Presto equipment is done for one year. The calibration certificate is also given with the machine that adheres to the NABL standards. It complies with international standards that ensure accuracy in the results and make sure that there are no defects in the products before delivering them to the customers. 


A deep discussion of the izod impact tester has been done in this blog. It helps in finding the flaws in the products before delivering them to the customers. Secondly, manufacturers produce the products after conducting the tests and that meets the expectations of the customers too.

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