How IZOD and Charpy Test Different from Each Other?

How IZOD and Charpy Test Different from Each Other?

IZOD and Charpy

If you are searching for the best method to do the impact test, then we recommend you to go with the IZOD and Charpy Test. This amazing test will help you to do a resistance test on material and help you to study the toughness of the material. This amazing testing machine is used by many industrialists to measure the toughness of the material. The tests will also help you to measure the amount of energy absorbed. This machine has been specifically designed to evaluate the impact resistance of plastics.

This testing instrument is based on the pendulum method and is a consistent tool to measure the strength and toughness of a material. This testing machine is used to determine the energy required to break the standard test specimen. Here in this blog, we will provide you with effective information about how IZOD and charpy test different from each other.

Factors to keep in mind while testing the specimen

There are many factors to keep in mind that will help you to test the specimen while using this testing machine. Thus, we have gathered some amazing factors to keep in mind that will help you to test the specimen accurately. The major differences between both of the testing techniques are regarding the orientation of the material in the impact tester. Here is the list of factors that will impact the testing of the specimen.

•    Position of the specimen

The position of the specimen will be different in each test. This is because, the testing material can be placed in a vertical position while taking the IZOD test, and the charpy method makes the use of test material to be placed horizontally. 

•    Hammer striking point

The striking point refers to the point at which the hammer gets struck to the specimen and is distinct for both of them. While doing the vertical testing the hammer will get striked on the upper tip of the sample. While doing the Charpy test the hammer will get a strike at the point of the notch in the opposite direction. 

•    Dimensions of the specimen

Each sample for testing the specimen has different dimensions for the test. So, you should determine the dimensions of the specimen before taking these tests.
Both of these tests can be conducted keeping these factors in mind. These tests are used to determine tests to measure the total amount of energy that material will be able to absorb. This energy consumption is directly related to the brittleness of the material.

When you make the use of IZOD testing method, then the farming hammer will be used. For the charpy test the ball pin hammer to be used as a striker. When you make use of the IZOD test, then the hammer will be faced at the striker that will be fastened in the pendulum. When you make the use of charpy test, then you will make use of two kinds of notches. These notches are named V-notch and U-notch.


These are some differences between the IZOD test as well as the charpy test. You can make use of this testing machine to determine the toughness of the material. You can easily purchase these instruments from the Testing Instruments website. Here you will find the best prices for this testing instrument. You can directly call us or send mail to us so that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope that this blog has given you enough information about the IZOD and charpy test.