Charpy Impact Test and Its Applications

Charpy Impact Test and Its Applications

What is Charpy Impact Test?

Charpy Impact Test is the most commonly used test which is used for determining the amount of forces that are absorbed by materials when it reaches the point of fracture. This amount of energy gives the analysis of the notch hardness of material. In this test, the apparatus used is a Charpy Impact Tester which has a pendulum with a known length and mass.

How Charpy Impact Tester Works?

The pendulum is dropped from a specific height to put an impact on a notched sample. The notch used in the test must be of regular dimensions as it has a great impact on the test results. The size of the samples also has a great impact on the test results hence it is essential to choose standard sizes of the specimen. With the help of the Charpy Impact Test, one can easily analyze the strength of material. The quantitative results of the test give the understanding of the amount of force that a material can absorb when it reaches the point of fracture or failure. The qualitative results of the test procedure can provide information about the ductility of the materials being tested.

Applications of Charpy Impact Test

  • In forging industry, the Charpy impact test can be used to determine the malleability and ductility of a material that is being forged.
  • In the rubber industry, the test can be used for determining the shock absorbing ability of a type of rubber so that its proper application could be decided.  
  • In plastic industry, the test is used for analyzing the breaking strength of a sample when it is subjected to a high impact from a pendulum. This helps in ensuring that the material is best for an application where it is subjected to such impacts.