Get the Salt Spray Chamber and Eliminate the Risk of Rusting

Get the Salt Spray Chamber and Eliminate the Risk of Rusting

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Metal & related material manufacturers can easily draw a parallel between the metal durability levels and the rusting levels due to the exposure to the environment. The metal products are installed in big machines to enhance their durability standards and allow the consumer of these machines to avoid shifting to another product ensuring longevity as well as enhancing the sustainability of the product against impacts.

The metal industry manufacturers make crucial products like automobiles, aeronautic machines, expensive wearables, etc. These manufacturers have to make sure that these products are true to their value by ensuring longevity and imbibing high-class metal material in them. However, the problem faced by the manufacturer is to differentiate between the properties of metals as there are numerous kinds of metals that are used for different purposes in different products. To segregate them accordingly can be a hassle, therefore, evaluating the corrosion resistance levels of all the metals being utilized is an extremely important aspect.

To achieve high levels of accuracy, the Presto Group has offered a top-notch environment conditioning chamber to determine the anti-corrosive properties of materials, called the salt spray chamber. The salt spray chamber is a very crucial piece of equipment as it imitates extremely humid conditions that the products undergo due to exposure to the environment of different places.  

Let us take a look at how exactly the salt spray chamber functions, and allows the operator to reach high levels of accuracy in determining the anti-corrosive properties of a material.

Functioning Mechanism of the Salt Spray Chamber

The salt spray test chamber is offered with a highly advanced working module that ensures maximum accuracy-driven test results consistently.

The testing starts with the operator installing the specimen into the inner chamber. The inner chamber is equipped with three different sample placement holders i.e. the V-group, card holder, and hanging rod. Along with sample holders, the inner chamber is also equipped with an atomizer for dispensing the concentrated fog, SSR-based heaters in U-type formation for elevating the temperatures inside the testing chamber as well as an air purge for settling the fog down.

The operator can simply place the specimen as per its shape and size on either of the sample holders and close the canopy with the control panel for maximum insulation inside the inner chamber.

The operator can initiate the testing process by turning the instrument on with the help of the rotary switch and adjusting the test timings and further settings with the control panel itself.

Moving forward, the salt spray chamber manufacturer has instilled a reservoir tank within the instrument that carries the water supply of the instrument. 

The reservoir tank differs in size as per the size of the inner chamber and carries demineralized water (DM water) for accurate test results. The DM water inside the reservoir tank is filtered through a layer sponge filter before getting mixed with salt (NaCl). The mixed solution is transferred from the reservoir tank to the inner chamber where the testing is conducted with the help of PU pipes & inlet ports.

Just like the reservoir tank, another important aspect of the machinery is the air saturator that is incorporated at the back end of the instrument. The air saturator is installed to control the humidity levels by precisely adjusting the moisture content within the air that is supplied from the saturator with the help of the PU pipes & inlet ports opening into the inner chamber.

The salt solution from the reservoir tank and the humid air from the air saturator are mixed and released into the atmosphere of the inner chamber with the help of an atomizer made with the igus material. The concentrated fog is evenly distributed in all parts of the testing chamber with the help of a fog concentrator associated with the atomizer base.

The salt spray test chamber continues the testing until the adjusted time on the preset timer is achieved. Once the time is achieved, the operator can press the air purge button to settle down the fog before opening the canopy in order to avoid rusting of other products due to the releasing of concentrated fog.

The salt spray chamber manufacturers have imbibed top-notch features within the instrument to enhance the testing measures and achieve precise testing outcomes over & over again.

Top-Notch Features of the Salt Spray Chamber

The salt spray chamber manufacturer in India has loaded the instrument with top-end safety features like the 7-over/alarm system that includes:

1. Low water level alarm

2. Over-heating of the inner chamber alarm

3. Over-heating of the air saturator alarm

4. Solution level low alarm

5. Sample completion alarm

6. Over/under voltage alarm

7. Low air pressure level alarm

These features of the instrument ease off the testing worries in the minds of the operator.

The instrument is also made with high-quality material that ensures maximum insulation as well as durability to the instrument. The inner chamber is a triple-layered equipment made with mild steel for durability, FRP material to avoid corrosion & glass wool to ensure that the heat does not pass through the chamber.

Another high-end feature of the instrument is the incorporation of silicone bag heaters in a U-type formation integrated in the walls of the inner chamber to ensure uniform heating around the specimen.

The tripe sample placement offerings in the inner chamber allow manufacturers from different industries to conduct the salt spray test with maximum facile & ease.

Book a Salt Spray Chamber Right Away  

Get yourself a salt spray chamber to determine a metal's anti-corrosive properties for better segregation into the products it should be utilized. To get your hands on the instrument, you can approach the salt spray chamber manufacturer in India by directly visiting our website which contains all the necessary information regarding the instrument.

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