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Get Better Internal Strain Distribution Assessment of Glass

The industries where the non-reactive material is required for packing purposes, there is a huge demand for glasses. Especially in the pharma industry, in chemical factories and for ready-to-eat food materials. Glass is the only material which is brittle in nature. And because of their tendency to generate inner strain distribution, they are fully capable of showing their volatile nature. It is very common that sometimes glass that is not of good quality can no make any sound but gets cracked inside and damage itself. This type of disruption in glasses cannot be predicted easily. In order to avoid such situations, it would be nicer if the material is tested prior to its sale. For this in the case of glass, we can use Polariscope strain viewer for glass.

The Polariscope is an effective and proficient machine which is specially designed for testing glass materials. This machine is a special optical equipment which has two distinct type of Polaroid lenses. It is said that the quality assurance of glass material is not complete without this step, i.e. Polariscope test. The most common defect we find is ridges and furrows. And these are some type of defects which we just cannot see by our naked eyes, so we need this type of machine. In this machine, the light sources throw a Polaroid light which passes through the glass and the defect can be visualized. These defects are commonly generated by external pressure while manufacturing. It can be an air bubble or stress distribution.


Other than these, the Polariscope strain viewer is also used to detect the climatic changes which can come due to the expansion and contraction coming from continues atmospheric disturbance. It usually happens when the glass items are in transit condition from one geographical location to another. By getting transferred from extremely hot to the extremely cold area they get cracked or damaged. Or else they become so weak that a little bit of impact can break them.

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