Flexible Packaging – A New Trend

Flexible Packaging – A New Trend

The packaging industry has a significant role in delivering and supplying the goods. The world is incomplete without the source of packaging. The tin cans, glass jars, cardboard boxes are still active in grocery stores. However, the evolution of packaging industry added the option of flexible packaging. In stores or malls, what the new thing you have noticed? The pouches and bags have taken the place of rigid packaging. The soups, baby food, sauces are now available in pouches. The health drinks like Bournvita, Horlicks are also available in pouches, even the detergent cans are hardly used. The spouted and closure options are available for the convenience of consumers. The manufacturers accepted the flexible packaging with open arms as it has many advantages. Flexible Testing Instruments are available to check the quality of flexible packaging materials.

Why is Flexible Packaging attracting the Manufacturers?

The manufacturers are heading towards flexible packaging because of its reduced weight that reduces the costs of transportation and warehousing as well as creates more space. This is innovative and flexible options for packaging industry that fulfills a customer need.

  • The lightweight is the preferred choice for all industry, especially the bottled water sector. The PET bottles cannot be much lighter, and thus, flexible pouches are used. The flexible bags are easy to fill without wasting much time. However, PET bottles are always in demand if the comparison is made.
  • Easy to print, means information can be printed with the lamination of films. It is easy to modify as required.
  • Other significant characteristics are barrier properties means flexible packaging can offer anything from moisture and aroma protection. The standup pouches are used in place of aluminum foils. The advanced pouches are easy to dispense.
  • The marketing of flexible packaging is increasing day by day because it can be produced in any size. The larger format packaging is used by the retail outlets.
  • Flexible packaging means the use of less packaging material with less solid waste. The storage space is minimal with the low transportation cost.
  • Maximum products can be shipped in fewer truckloads. The best thing about flexible pouches is that customer enjoys the food and reports for the best taste as compared to cans.

Flexible Testing Instruments are available to check the various quality of Flexible Packaging Materials such as tensile, strength, leak, humidity, etc. using the tensile tester, tearing strength tester, vacuum leak tester, opacity tester, melt flow index tester, humidity test chamber, moisture analyzer, and many more. These tools help to enhance the quality of the materials by testing the physical and mechanical properties.