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Factors Affecting The Strength Of Adhesives

The adhesive used in the industries have a very important role as they are responsible for keeping the components at their place. The adhesives are also used widely in the packaging industries to stick the packaging materials and ensure secure packaging of the products. The strength and quality of the adhesives are a major attribute that needs to be evaluated to ensure the best quality of the adhesives used in the industries. The quality of the adhesives needs to be tested with the help proper instruments such as peel strength tester.

Here are some of the major factors that affect the strength of the adhesives used in industries.


Chemical composition

The chemical composition of the adhesives is greatly responsible for its strength as the chemical composition decides the type of bonds that it forms with the other molecules. Even a slight change in the chemical composition of an adhesive can create a great difference in the adhesive strength of the product.

Type of substrate

The type of substrate at which the adhesive is also applied plays an important role in deciding the strength of the adhesive. If a substrate is completely flat and smooth, then the strength of the adhesive will be very less whereas if the substrate is rough, then the strength of the adhesive will be increased. The oiliness of the surface also decreases the strength of the adhesives that are applied to a substrate.

In order to test the adhesive strength of the materials like self-adhesive tapes, there is a test conducted on them called peel strength test which is conducted with the help of peel strength tester. Presto offers the best accuracy peel strength tester that is efficient enough to provide an accurate analysis of the adhesive strength of different materials used in different industries for adhesion purpose. The instrument can also be used for performing bond strength and seal strength test as well.

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